DARA’s First Step Recovery Program


Addiction takes a heavy toll not only on individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, but also on their families and friends. Taking the first step toward recovery is often the most difficult, albeit a step in a positive direction.

To help our clients and their families transition on this road to recovery, DARA is proud to introduce our 7-day First Step Recovery Program.

This program is aimed to give our clients the ability to truly experience DARA and our world class rehabilitation centers before committing to our full treatment program.

The introductory program includes:

  • Initial Medical/ Psychiatric Evaluation by DARA Intake Directorate and then referral to JCI accredited private hospitals if clinically indicated.
  • A full admission assessment and evaluation
  • Standard shared accommodation, including all meals
  • Minimum of 2 introductory one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Minimum of 15 introductory group counseling sessions
  • 2 massage therapy sessions
  • 2 personal training sessions with workout and nutritional plans
  • The development of a preliminary treatment plan

In a continuing effort to offer the highest standards in addiction treatment we have developed this unique opportunity to reach a broad scope of individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Seeking help with addiction is a significant decision which can produce stress and anxiety as well as requiring time and financial availability.

DARA’s First Step Recovery Program alleviates any of these concerns for individuals and their families by providing this introduction to our program. Clients will have all the benefits of participating in a typical first week without having to make a long-term commitment right away.

Terms and conditions:

  • Available for new clients only.
  • The client must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they arrive.
  • The program does not include medical expenses, medications, and medical detoxification (due directly to the hospital).

The physical and psychological effects of chemical dependence produce increasingly harmful consequences for which unfortunately there is no simple and easy cure. By expanding our program to include this 7-day First Step Recovery Program, we endeavor to equip clients with the chance to discover the rewarding benefit of establishing long term recovery goals with DARA.

Please Note: This introductory price offer is not meant to serve or act as a substitution to our full-length treatment program; it simply offers an opportunity to experience the world-class therapy and wonders of our tropical locations without requiring you to commit financially to the full recovery program. We are confident that once here, you will understand that the opportunity we provide is one that will help you regain control of your life.

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