DARA 7 Day Introductory Program

From the chaos of using it can be too much to start thinking about the what, where and how of getting started in recovery. For this reason we offer a 7 Day Introductory Package; it’s not a cure, but it will give you a chance to think in a peaceful environment supported by the professional and caring DARA staff.

Your recovery starts with a process to establish your physical and emotional safety and provide you with a personal treatment plan based on an assessment of your needs and wishes. In our 7 Day Introductory Program our professional and helpful staff will take you through this process and give you time to begin to recover your emotional, mental and physical strength.

During the 7 Day Introductory Program, you can think about your priorities – what’s important to you and how to achieve this, make a plan and then start putting that plan into action. The plan may be to go on to our main programs or it may involve using other treatment resources, for example, alternative psychological investigations, stabilizing medications, or whatever you decide.


In the 7 Day Introductory Program, you will initially be involved in the Precovery treatment phase of the DARA program. The first objective of our treatment for you is to ensure your safety, stabilization and provide you with a program that suits you. The Introductory Program lets you do this without any commitment to the nature of the treatment program you decide on for your future.

Please contact us for more information about the costs of our 7 Day Introductory Program. The program includes accommodation, meals, laundry Wi-Fi and joining into the DARA initial safety, stabilization and assessment program. Any medical or additional services outside of the DARA program are charged separately.

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