Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Singapore

Protecting the privacy of our clients is of vital concern to us at DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab. We are particularly aware of the legal framework in Singapore which mandates severe penalties for the use of illicit drugs. We are also aware of the fact that doctors in Singapore are duty bound to provide the Ministry of Health and the Central Narcotics Bureau with details of patients with drug addiction problems.

This is not an issue in Thailand. Thailand is an internationally acclaimed medical tourism hub with traditions and culture that emphasize both compassion for the individual and the importance of health and bodily well-being. Furthermore, Thailand is only a short flight away from Singapore. Residents of Singapore do not need a visa for a stay of less than 30 days. Most citizens of Western countries, and citizens of ASEAN countries, do not need a visa either. For alcohol or drug rehab, DARA is an exceptional choice.

Thailand – Medical Tourism Hub for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

International flights to Thailand arrive at Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi airport. DARA is located in Trat Province in beautiful eastern Thailand, so you’ll need to have a connecting flight from Bangkok to Trat. The flight from Bangkok to Trat is less than an hour with three direct flights daily provided by Bangkok Airways.

We are partners with Bangkok Hospital Trat, which is a JCI and The European Aeromedical Institute accredited hospital. Upon arrival at the Trat Airport, you will be escorted to Bangkok Hospital Trat by an English speaking member of their staff. All clients, before entering alcohol or drug rehab at DARA, will be admitted to Bangkok Hospital Trat for 24 hours for a full medical assessment and observation which is included in the price of your DARA treatment package. If it is you need more than a 24-hour stay at the hospital for in-patient detoxing, you will, however, be responsible for the additional fees, paid directly to the hospital.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab: What Makes DARA Exceptional

Apart from drug and alcohol rehab and detox  treatment, we aim to offer a complete experience of physical renewal through a program of many different activities. We also offer meditation, massage, fun exercise, and healthy social activities. There are also group excursions and outdoor activities, and a wide range of equipment for fitness training.

Aftercare and Recovery

We have had many Singaporean clients over the years, and it is no wonder. Thailand is just a short flight from Singapore, with many non-stop flights a day between the two cities. Typically, it takes just two and a quarter hours to cover the 900 miles/1500 kilometers. The main international carriers are Singapore AirlinesThai Airways International, and Cathay Pacific. The route is also covered by Air AsiaJetstar and Tiger Airways, which together offer a cheaper option. These budget airlines currently offer round trip fares, with all taxes, charges and levies, at a good price.

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