Love yourself

The Process of Learning to Love Yourself – Part One

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This is part-one of a three-part series about self-love. In Recovery, You Must Learn To Love Yourself If you are in recovery – whether it’s from drugs, alcohol, or sexual addiction – part of the process is learning to love yourself. When you were in active addiction, you perpetrated harm against yourself. If you were […]

Kratom Use and Abuse

Kratom Use and Abuse

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As the opioid addiction epidemic has grown all over the world, a number of things have emerged as potential alternatives to illegal and dangerous drugs like heroin and prescription opioids. In the United States there has been a growth in the availability and use of the herbal substance known as kratom. Although the federal government […]

independence as part of recovery

Independence as Part of Recovery


Previous articles have covered the basics of gaining independence in recovery, but there is more than simply caring for yourself and paying off old debts as part of recovery. You need to find employment, create a support group, and learn to rely on yourself. This may seem overwhelming, but you have already taken the hardest […]

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