Facts about Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Part 3


Part two of this four-part series focused on the importance of working with the beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes of alcoholics in recovery. Part three looks at the role that contributing factors and illnesses can play in addiction. It goes on to explore the importance of treatment style, length of treatment and importance of keeping […]

Facts about Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Part 2


The previous article outlined the role that alcohol rehabilitation and loved ones can play in an alcoholic’s life. It pointed out that accessibility of treatment programs make a difference. A string of failed rehab visits can still contribute to ultimate success. And total abstinence may not be necessary in every case. This installment looks deeper […]

Facts about Drug & Alcohol Rehab – Part 1


A joint study conducted by Addiction Today, the National Addiction Centre and eATA revealed a few interesting facts about drug and alcohol rehab and the role that it plays in recovery. The aim was to make information about rehabilitation more accessible to addicts and alcoholics, so that they could make better informed decisions about seeking […]

Drug Abuse Malaysia


Drug Abuse and Lack of Drug Treatment in Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 16 April 2007 – Injecting drug users are overwhelmingly the largest contributor to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. And in this country, as in many other societies around the world, they bear a double stigma. Dismissed by society as addicts […]

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