A Deadly Game of One-Upmanship

Australia, United Kingdom

Drinking games go back as far as ancient Greece and China. The games usually fall into one of a number of categories: Speed—how much alcohol can be consumed in a certain period of time (includes games such as beer bong, flippy cup, shotgunning, and boat races) Endurance—simple competitions to out-drink other players. Sometimes the goal […]

Koh Chang

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sucess Rates


I am writing this article since a question I am asked on a daily basis by potential clients and doctors referring people is, “What is your success rate?” The only honest answer anyone can give someone is “I don’t know”. There is a problem with stating success rates in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, […]

Detoxing and Lack of Sleep


One of the biggest worries that many clients have about coming to Dara Rehab (and within that statement is stopping using) is how they will cope with the detox. What drugs we will give them. Whether we will give out sleeping pills because they cannot sleep without alcohol in their system. The fear of not […]

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