Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation

DARA believes in the ability of all clients to recover through treatment customized to their specific addiction and needs. This world class program offers specialized counselors, focus coordinators, and an inpatient facility that was once a beautiful spa.

The multi-faceted approach is focused not only on rehabilitation, but wellness and client care. We offer a team of licensed professionals that ensure clients adopt and leave with the needed skills to remain addiction free. Offering the specialized care that improves mind, body, and soul for those addicted to cocaine is only one of many services offered.

Why choose DARA for cocaine addiction treatment?

An evidence based treatment approach

DARA treatment program uses Integrated Cognitive-Behavioral approaches​

An international team of fully licensed clinical staff​ dedicated to helping you

Cocaine addiction treatment

Treatment is based on CBT with individualized, effective, compassionate, and comprehensive care for every individual. A Family Systems Model is also used as an addict is not an addict in a vacuum. Includes physical wellness, down time, individual and group therapy, and plenty of exercise opportunities.

A personalized and ​Individualized Therapy Treatment program

Intensive treatment program with a very structured schedule

A positive and human (non-punitive) approach to addiction


Treatment Location

Located in a five star resort on the tropical island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand, the former resort lets you recover in luxury that has been tailored for use as a residential facility. Relax, unwind, and detox in a place that feels more resort than rehab.


Treatment Staff

Staffed by full-time, internationally certified therapists who are trained to meet your specific needs. This includes Focus coordinators, wellness staff, and counselors who will work with you for the best possible outcome.


We offer the most affordable all-inclusive treatment program and provide the highest level of professional international-standard care, luxurious accommodation, a higher staff/client ratio than any other rehab, fabulous food, unique excursions, and a comprehensive physical therapy program.


Discharge planning focuses on your personal challenges and progress and is refined throughout the process. Dara makes sure you are ready to face the challenges that may occur when returning home.

About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that is very powerful and addictive. Found as a white powder, paste, or rock-like form the high is rapid and rewarding. Cocaine works to speed up the central nervous system and can effect both short and long term mental health. Cocaine (coke) can be smoked, snorted, or injected and increases dopamine release to create euphoria and increased energy. Cocaine also creates inflated self-esteem and elevated mood with a decreased need for sleep and decreased appetite. Side effects of cocaine use are tremors, muscle twitches, dilated pupils, increased body temperature, decreased sexual function, and paranoia. Cardiac arrest, stroke, and sudden death are possible with cocaine use.