Harry Mulligan

BSc Joint Hons


Harry holds a Joint Honours Bachelors of Science degree from the internationally renowned, Russel Group University of Bristol. He trained personally as a Counsellor under the tutelage of addiction and eating disorders expert, Doctor Robert Lefever, in Kensington, London, where he went on to be his Clinical Manager.

Harry prides himself in working at the interface between mental health and creativity, and is a published writer, ghost writer, music journalist and modest musician. His work experience has taken him to Switzerland and Thailand working as a Case Manager and Clinical Manager.  Much of what Harry does in this domain is experiential as Harry’s own recovery process begun in 1991.

His practice draws from data-driven, evidence based principles. He uses a family systemic, life-span developmental approach; enabling his Clients to delve into their own auto-biographical memory, exploiting the cathartic healing to be found there, telling their stories, modifying their own narratives with RET and CBT, thereby creating new positive self-fulfilling prophecies in order to construct a better future for themselves.

Harry’s practice as a Group Therapist relies on his insight and awareness of psychodynamics; transference and counter transference.  He implements an integrated approach, using Gestalt techniques, psychodrama, existential and humanistic modalities.

Harry believes all Clients should begin with Mindfulness and Meditation from day one.


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