Adam Wright

FdSc in Addictions Counselling
AAdam Wrightdam has a foundation degree in Addictions Counselling which he studied for in the United Kingdom. Adam’s expertise and qualification have been developed from the most current scientific research that applies to the addiction treatment profession to date. He has gained extensive experience from working within both the private and community-based addiction treatment services in the UK and abroad. This includes working for the National Health Service, delivering community-based drugs and alcohol treatment commissioned by the local authority and organizing and co-ordinating Inpatient and outpatient treatment. Adam has spent his most recent years actively engaged in delivering multi-disciplinary psycho-social interventions for process addiction and psychoactive substance misuse, working in private addiction treatment facilities in the UK, Spain, and Thailand.

Adam has a love and understanding for people who suffer from substance misuse disorder, this is reflected in his empathetic, patient, unprejudiced and non-judgemental approach. In particular, he is extremely passionate about using CBT as a therapeutic approach, to help people recover. He thoroughly enjoys working in the field, his ongoing motivation is grounded in the very rewarding prospect of continuing to help, what he understands to be a very stigmatized and marginalized client group. Adam’s experience of being part of a client’s recovery process, helping to activate that change, he finds extremely invigorating.

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